Selected Exhibitions

2018 Autour du Portrait, Atelier 34zero Muzeum, Brussels, Belgium
2017 Prince’s Trust Exhibition, Bath
2016 Francis Bacon / Darren Coffield, Herrick Gallery, London
2016 S-P-E-C-T-R-U-M, Herrick Gallery, London
2015 Anthology, Charlie Smith, London
2015 The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize, Piano Nobile, London
2015 Fall of the Rebel Angels, Venice Biennale
2015 Policies Shaw, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London
2015 Factual Nonsense, Bruton Arts Factory, Bruton, Somerset
2014 Psycho, Residence Gallery, London
2014 Fete Worse Than Death (Curator), Red Gallery, London
2014 Independent’s Day with George Galloway MP, Chart Gallery, London
2014 Quo Vadis, Chart Gallery, London
2014 Factual Nonsense — A Guide for the Perplexed, Chart Gallery, London
2013 Pomp & Paradox, Chart Gallery, London
2013 Print Retrospective, Pertwee Anderson & Gold, London
2013 Factual Nonsense, Paul Stolper, London
2013 Memento Mori, Pertwee Anderson & Gold, London
2013 Masters of Reality, Pertwee Anderson & Gold, London
2013 Art13 London, Pertwee Anderson & Gold, London
2012 Thanksgiving Collective 2012, Tripoli Gallery, Southampton, New York
2012 Space Rage, The Residence Gallery, London
2012 The Party Show, Viktor Wynd Gallery, London
2012 Paradox, Herrick Gallery, London
2012 Fragmented Identity, Art Gwangju, Gwangju, Korea
2012 Young Curators, New Ideas IV – American Power, Meulensteen Gallery, New York
2012 Lüften Festival, Frankfurt, Germany
2012 The End, Jacob’s Island Gallery, London
2012 Disorient Express London – Prague, The London 2012 Olympics, (touring exhibition)

  • Candid Arts Trust Gallery, London
  • Czech Centre Prague Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Czech House, Business Design Centre, London

2012 Home Office of the Fan Fiction Empire, The Residence Gallery, London
2012 Paris Art Fair, Paris, France
2012 Molly Parkin 80th Birthday Celebration, Chelsea Arts Club, London
2012 Face Off, The National Print Gallery, London
2012 London Art Fair, Paul Stolper, London
2011 EAST POP WEST, Red Gallery, London
2011 In The Flesh, Paul Stolper, London
2011 Scope Basel, Switzerland
2011 Ashes & Diamonds, (touring exhibition)

  • Market Hall, Chesterfield
  • Northern College, Barnsley
  • Wortley Hall, Sheffield

2011 Fabricatecstasy, Studio 52, Hoxton Square, London
2011 Peeping Tom, Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
2011 The Recession Show, Curator, London Art Fair Projects, London
2010 John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2010, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
2010 East End Promise: A Story of Cultural Migrants 1985-2000, Red Gallery, London
2010 Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London
2010 BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London
2010 Peeping Tom, Vegas Gallery, London
2010 East Wing IX, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, London
2009 The Live Art Auction, L-13 Gallery, London
2009 Turner Contemporary Open 2009, Turner Contemporary Project Space, Margate
2009 De Queeste artists, Quest 21, Brussels, Belgium
2009 Plein Air Exhibition, Saint-Sophia Cathedral, Kiev, Ukraine
2009 The Mission, Hackney Wick, London
2009 The Big Ink, Amersham Arms, London
2009 Police and Violence, Sassoon Gallery, London
2009 Open Salon, Viewfinder Gallery, London
2008 Plein air, Maximilian Voloshin Museum, Koktebel, Crimea
2008 Jerwood Drawing Prize 2008, (touring exhibition)

  • Jerwood Space, London
  • Durham Art Gallery, Durham City
  • Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery, Suffolk
  • Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester
  • Pittville Gallery, Cheltenham

2008 Insurgent Works, Ghetto Gallery, Split, Croatia
2008 The Famous, the Infamous & the Really Quite Good, Decima Gallery, London
2008 Conditions Humaines, De Queeste Art, Abele, Belgium
2007 I Love Peckham Shop Windows, Peckham, London
2007 Far from Eden, Hotel de Ville, Hondschoote, France
2007 Far from Eden, Vinkemkerk, Beauvoorde, Belgium
2007 Château Planet, Galerie Planet, Magnac Laval, France
2007 Artists vs Celebrity, The Brick Lane Gallery, London
2006 Drugaddict Show, Guy Hilton Gallery, London
2006 Château Planet, Galerie Planet, Magnac Laval, France
2005 Artists’ Pictionary, The Agency Contemporary Gallery, London
2004 Board Meeting, Fake London Genius, Savile Row, London
2003 BP Portrait Award, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland
2003 BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London
2003 Artists of the Colony Room Club, Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, London
2000 Artists Room, The Westbourne Hotel, London
2000 Less Filth, More Fury, Soho House, London
1999 Richard Dadd’s 30th Birthday Party, Bedlam Performance Art, A.S.C, Rosebery Avenue, London
1999 Banality Begins at Home, Performance Bar Art, Colony Room Club, Soho, London
1999 The I.C.A presents… A.S.C, Rosebery Avenue, London
1999 Ainsworth Unearthed, Performance/Public reading, Kensal Green Cemetery, London
1999 Well Hung, London
1998 The Colony Room Club 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition, A22 Projects, London
1998 Terminal Beach, G, London
1998 Whitechapel Open Studios, London
1997 Whitechapel Open Studios, London
1996 Displaced A.S.C., London
1995 Factual Nonsense, London
1994 Factual Nonsense, London
1993 Factual Nonsense, London
1992 A Guide For The Perplexed, Factual Nonsense, London
1992 Abstractions From a Domestic Suburb Scene, Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1992 Empty Gestures, Diorama, London
1991 One Man Down, The Pearson Gallery, UCL, London
1991 The Courtauld Institute Loan Collection, The Courtauld Institute of Art, London